The Development and Education Programme For Daughters And Communities In Thailand (DEPDC) provides education as a preventative measure against sex trading.
D-Pal Club Of Thailand believes in literacy, education as a means for poor children to break free from the poverty cycle.
The Thai Animal Guardian Association (AGA) works towards the protection of animals.
Poh Teck Tung provide free funeral services for the destitute Chinese immigrants and also run a hospital and university.
Population and Community Development Association (PDA) adopts unconventional and hugely successful ways to promote safe sex and awareness about HIV and AIDS.
An initiative by the Thai princess in which rural villages make and supply the handicrafts and products for sale.
Child Information, Learning and Development Centre or CHILD works towards providing education for the young.
A main focus of the Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation (MNAWF) is raising awareness about the plight of animals and promoting animal welfare.
Ashoka Fellow Anshu Gupta founded Goonj to supply impoverished rural communities with the resources they desperately need.
Akshaya Trust feeds the helpless, forsaken, sick, and mentally ill.
Barefoot College is an NGO that works towards making rural communities self-sufficient, by training the community, both men and women, in various jobs.
JAAGO Foundation runs programmes for disadvantaged children in Bangladesh, providing education and creating awareness on hygiene.
The local organisation was established to protect the right of victims of Agent Orange and dioxin used by the US forces on the civilian population during the Vietnam war.
Cleft lips and palates are caused generally poor diet, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes use by expectant mothers. 
Blue Dragon is a grassroots foundation working with kids in crisis throughout Vietnam.