The Asian Rural Institute (ARI) is a training centre for rural community leaders.
M’day Reak Reay, Kone Reak Reay (MRKR), is a Cambodian non-governmental organisation which aims to improve the provision of maternal and newborn health information and services in Preah Vihear.
Maiti Nepal rescues and rehabilitates victims of sex trafficking, domestic violence, child labour and other forms of exploitation in the country.
Feed the Hungry Philippines has been feeding the hungry in the country for almost 18 years — from 10,000 miles away.
Mobile Active is a phone-based broadcasting system used in healthcare, microfinance, counseling and training for urban sex workers in Bangalore India.
Project PEARLS (Peace, Education, Aspiration, Respect, Love, Smile) helps underprivileged children in the Philippines, through health, nutrition and literacy programs.
The Afghan Women’s Writing Project is aimed at allowing Afghan women to have a direct voice in the world.
Akshaya Patra Foundation provides healthy and balanced meals to more than a million Indian children daily.
Mother and Child Project is a Social Enterprise run by Singapore Anglican Community Services and seed funded by Comcare Enterprise Fund
ACTAsia for Animals is a UK charity that focuses upon animal abuse in Asia.
Through photography workshops, Kids with Cameras connects with children living in marginalized communities to raise their self-worth and esteem
A's initiative to combat child sex tourism in Southeast Asia
Minsai Centre provides education to needy children in developing countries.
The Centre for Environmental Justice serves to aid the environment by ensuring equal environmental rights.
The Association of War Affected Women (AWAW) works towards peace and a solution to the violent conflicts of the war.