A Chinese blogger ponders the Grand Slam win of compatriot Li Na and wonders how much the tennis champion owes to China's national sporting policy.
A visitor arrives on Beijing's infamous square and returns with photos and more than a few thoughts on that fateful date.
Some discovered Jesus, and others wealth and success on Wall Street. A handful is on Twitter where one of them tells of how he was entrapped by his wife, a Chinese undercover spy. Here are the 21 most wanted leaders of the Tiananmen uprising, 22 years later.
A man crippled by the tank that rolled over his legs. A 15-year-old who demands the truth. Here’s a collection of Chinese voices on the 1989 government crackdown on pro-democracy student protestors, known to them simply as June 4.
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Chinese netizens have lambasted the China-born pianist for refusing to play a piece for the victims of the 1989 Tiananmen uprising. Are they justified?
Sakurayen 嚴櫻
Decades of peace talks have led nowhere. Now the Palestinians plan to take their case to the United Nations, where they believe they can get majority support for an independent Palestine. The question is: Will it work?
The equation Lee Kuan Yew = PAP = Singapore had scrolled across the collective consciousness for nearly half a century.
A Pakistani writer looks at the ties between the two countries and decides to call it what it is.
India had sent Pakistan a list of 50 “most wanted” it said were hiding there. Then it turned out that two of the 50 were right there – in India itself.
Can New Delhi protect its strategic interests and keep Kabul on its side in an unfriendly and volatile neighbourhood?
The death of the world’s most wanted terrorist has started a new act in geopolitics in the India-Pakistan neighbourhood, with the U.S. and China jostling for a starring role.
Good heavens, did President Obama just make the most radical foreign policy proposition yet in his Middle East speech last night?
Popular protests by the Palestinian people.Their feuding political parties coming together in the name of national unity. Does Israel stand a chance against this growing impetus for the creation of a Palestinian state?
With the Thai prime minister dissolving Parliament to pave the way for general elections on July 3, what’s in store for the Land of Smiles?
The icon of Singapore's small opposition voice, Chiam See Tong was the longest-serving opposition representative in the Singapore parliament, with 27 years under his belt. Today, he is one of the most beloved of the country's political leaders.
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