A Rope of Ribbon



Set sail in a voyage of life

To seek the truth or where it lies

Point a sight upon hope to lead

So I shall steer my faith


In deepest thoughts of darkness side

All I see the strangeness of words

To form I say that makes no sense

And how I lay to make my stand


Lost within upon seeking the truth

Hope for ray to shine in through


Step I will in the face of trust

But slanted of view upon face to show


Shout I wait in voices of help 

But tail of echo is what I got

Who will place a hand to lean

So I stand a chance to blend


A rope of ribbon has heaved me out

A chance to mend apart that fall

Honour in will I redeem my sin

And so I unite in the circle of one.


*This poem was a finalist in the 2006 poetry competition organized by the Yellow Ribbon Project for the inmates of Singapore's Changi Prison as well as ex-offenders.



Image by John Lund from www.imagekind.com