Pakistan Floods

*Special to asia!


I wrote this poem because my school decided to have a poem competition to celebrate National Poetry Day. The teacher of my English class asked all of us to enter. The theme of all the poems had to be about "Home." 


I decided to write about the Pakistan floods because it happened about two months ago from when I was writing it. I choose to write about Home in a different way from others. My poem is about people losing their homes because of the floods. I tried to show how Water is a big part of our life, and it can either kill you or help you live.

Sofia Shamsunahar, aged 13


Water creates life, and feeds life

Without it, you will die

With, it can kill you


The water rose higher and higher 


Never ending, gushing through the windows

Reaching into our body, our lungs

Water killed my family


The gushing stopped,

Damaging everything it touched

Taking everything away

Water destroyed my home


Dead bodies and germs

Contaminate the water

That ten million used to drink

Water gave my best friend cholera


We have no crops, no food

The cattle’s drowned, the meat we used to eat

I’m thirsty, too scared to drink the monster

But without water I’ll die


Pets, protection, shade, food

Is simple, but it is my home

Where my family, animals and heart lived

Water ripped my heart out and demolished it


I have no family, no friends

Nothing to nourish me

Nothing to help my thirst

I have no home


Water did all this.



Sofia is now living in Oman.