A New Song

*Special to asia!


There's a new wind

seeping through the clouds

this morning


waking me up 882

from a dream about falling 

and rising.

Something awaits, it whispers,

at the other end 

of the bridge


Rise! Go and run!

Don't lose it 

from your sight.

I asked how.

My heart thundered

and suddenly I knew.

You will see.

There is a land

where the future rests.

Don't let it go.

I stood up, stomping my feet,

counting the failures

of my brothers and sisters. 

And the murmurings go on: 

There is a new wind sailing

ready to lift the poor 

and the great in the streets. 

In our hands lies the comfort 

hiding in the shadow 

of uncertainties.

There's a new song

I will sing.



The poem is an interpretation of Armie Neonila's 'Bagong Tunog'. 

Angelo B. Ancheta is a poet from the Philippines and can be contacted at angelo.ancheta@gmail.com.