Performance artist locks himself up in a wooden instrument for prisoners in the ancient times, and sticks 100-yuan notes all over his body.
JEFF LEE | Aug 19, 2010
“If your boy is getting anally raped by his teacher, we’ll uncover the truth.”
BANGKOK DAN | Aug 11, 2010
Bad as they were, our Spanish conquerors did not spend all day dreaming up ways to make us Filipinos miserable.
INDOLENT INDIO | Aug 10, 2010
Good morning with a Foreign Officer serving in Afghanistan.
ANDREW PHALAN | Aug 2, 2010
Keep your eyes peeled – these young men in robes could be your next World Cup superstars, judging by their superhuman moves.
Staff Writer | Jul 30, 2010
Did you know? Usually regarded as female, the phoenix was also once used to denote outstanding men in China.
YUEN CHUNG-KWONG | Jul 29, 2010
This customer had two carloads of one yuan notes delivered to pay the 200,000 yuan bill. He wanted to cause us grief, because we would need to count the notes, one at a time.
ROLAND SOONG | Jul 22, 2010
After Samurai Camp, where fitness enthusiasts wave fake swords to techno music, which ancient martial art will we plunder for our gyms next?
CLARISSA TAN | Jul 7, 2010
Advertisements and commercials can sometimes provide interesting insight into local customs and sensibilities. Here's a selection from incredible India.
DAN-CHYI CHUA | Jun 28, 2010
The men and women who put up Japan’s buildings have got a lot more fashionable recently, if these catalogs from a clothing company in Okayama Prefecture are any indication.
QUIRKY JAPAN BLOG | Jun 27, 2010