When in China, don't knock all knock-offs.
JING GAO | Nov 19, 2010
A wedding is one of the most important events in any Asian calendar, and it is rarely a small affair. Indeed the celebrations have got bigger, as the invites go viral!
DAN-CHYI CHUA | Nov 9, 2010
Hong Kong’s severe shortage of space has shaped an architect’s design philosophy. He has applied it with amazing results to his own 330 sq ft home.
VIVIENNE KHOO | Nov 9, 2010
A father pens an important letter to his son, written during commercial breaks on TV.
NEO | Oct 25, 2010
If you don’t recognise those words, it’s time to update your English vocabulary. It's not just the Japanese who borrow words from other languages.
KOICHI | Oct 22, 2010
Chinese erotic art is a little known tradition because much of it was destroyed during the Mao era. asia! brings you a selection.
ZHANG ZIHAN | Oct 5, 2010
In truth, I am unnerved by the fact that a girl can discuss the male organ with a male with such candour and directness.
YESHEY DORJI | Sep 22, 2010
Tokyo makes trendy tote bags out of used sake sacks.
VANEEA | Sep 14, 2010
“Wherever there's a Lao wat, there's a Lao community dedicated to preserving and practicing Buddhist precepts.”
SEE | Sep 13, 2010
Communism no more: Beijingers are groovin' to swing music in an old bar at Sanlitun.
独臂老宋 | Aug 31, 2010