This Man's Got Talent

Mar 14, 2011

A car crash paralyzed his left arm, so Somsak Hemran learnt to play guitar with just one hand.

Thailand last year got on the Britain’s Got Talent bandwagon, becoming the 43rd country in the world and the 5th in Asia to launch its version of the hugely popular British show.

Thailand’s Got Talent began showing on Thai TV in early March and one contestant on the first show was an instant hit with the judges and the audience.

Somsak Hemran, 29, lost his mother and paralysed his left arm in a motorbike accident 10 years ago. He used to play the guitar and when he recovered from the accident he painstakingly taught himself to play once again, with just one hand.

Watch his performance:



Perhaps Somsak will be following the footsteps of Vietnam’s Nguyen The Vinh, another one-handed guitarist.

The Vinh fell off a cow when he was just eight. His right arm broke and had to be amputated after it was affected with gangrene. At 12, he discovered the guitar and within three years, he was able to play it with one hand. He also plays the harmonica.

The Vinh took part in a music show in a night club in Ho Chi Minh City, and then to perform in France and Germany. He would like to design a course to train other one-hand guitarists.

Watch his performance:


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