Move Aside, Kaka, Here is Shaolin Soccer!

Jul 30, 2010

Keep your eyes peeled – these young men in robes could be your next World Cup superstars, judging by their superhuman moves.


shaolin soccer 1


As World Cup fever gripped China, a “Shaolin Soccer” team has been formed at the Shaolin Temple Martial Arts School in Henan province. Aged between 15 and 19 years, the players combine the best of kungfu and soccer practices to produce some thrilling, gravity-defying moves. Finally, some hope for Chinese soccer, perhaps?


 shaolin soccer 2 




   shaolin soccer 4   


    shaolin soccer 5    


     shaolin soccer 6     


      shaolin soccer 7      


       shaolin soccer 8

And… a football destroyed by their pugilistic antics.

The images were originally published on China Net in July 2010.