Hong Kong's Domestic Transformer

Nov 09, 2010
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Hong Kong’s severe shortage of space has shaped an architect’s design philosophy. He has applied it with amazing results to his own 330 sq ft home.

Hong Kong’s population of seven million is crammed into the tight space between mountainous terrain and the South China Sea. Every square inch of available space is used. Architect Gary Chang decided to take on the challenge of maximising the potential of the apartment that he once shared with six others. He called the end result a “domestic transformer”: a compact feature-packed pad that changes to suit the required function just as a Transformer toy does.

He installed moveable walls, one of which slides away to reveal a walk-in closet. The wall behind that one moves away to reveal a bath tub with a fold-down guest bed over it. The whole system of sliding walls hides things away until Chang needs to use them.

Other features: The gold-tinted floor to ceiling windows which cast a warm glow on the interior even on a gloomy day; Chang’s bed which folds up against the wall when not in use (not exactly innovative since the idea has been around since the ‘60s); the tiny kitchen which still manages to hold all the “necessary implements”, as Chang puts it, and a screening room.


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The most amazing fact: This little apartment can transform into 24 rooms! Here's a video on YouTube.

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