Ebony and Ivory

Dec 08, 2009

Marketing Michael Jackson in Japan


michael jackson masks in japan

Photo credit: Vania Sofiandi


This is it! No, I'm not talking about the recent Michael Jackson "This is it" dance tour rehearsal video that was recently palmed off to the public in the form of the mega-million dollar in box office sales feature-length movie. Japan loves MJ and the movie did very well here, by the way.

I happened upon a store that had Michael Jackson masks for sale. The buyer does not have to worry about not getting their favourite MJ look: the masks come in Black and White facial tones! Remember the duet MJ did with Paul McCartney many years ago, "Ebony and Ivory"? It has come to pass.

Always count on Japan for innovation, great marketing, a playful side with regard to (dead and foreign) celebrities, and options. Successful sales promotions are all about choices.

Cost to you: 2,980 yen

Reaction from friends when you wear one anywhere: Priceless.

Proceeds to the estate of MJ: None, I'm guessing


This post was originally published on Japan Explained.