The Year That Will Be 2009

Jan 11, 2009
*Special to asia!

More than for George W Bush, having a shoe thrown in his face is ominous for the Chinese Premier.

They are all saying that they will protect the integrity of Jerusalem as a unified city, and no one wants to appear weaker than the competition. Whoever wins will have to establish a coalition that will include the ultra-orthodox Shias Party.

The only democracy is hampered by exactly that, and climbing into bed with the most right-wing elements of the Jewish society will guarantee a clash with not just the other party to be voted into power, Hamas, but also all the other hot heads in the region.

p.s Israel got

its own shoe-assailant, too, in Stockholm when its Ambassador to Sweden found footwear flung at him during a speech at the city's university.

Ongoing investigations prevent more details on the case from being revealed by local police, but two people have been arrested.


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