Opportunists and Conspiracy Theories

Dec 01, 2010

An unlucky year, "secret agents" or hooligans? What really caused the deaths of more than 350 people in Cambodia's water festival stampede?

3. If you do feel like you are being touched on all four sides, you need to move to the margins. Try to move sideways. "After that, the last opportunity to escape may be when you feel shock waves travel through the crowd. This happens when people at the back push forward, but the people at the front have no where to go. If you feel the crowd sway like this, you are in serious danger. Wait until the crowd stops moving and then inch your way sideways and backward, zigzagging to safety. Just as you might swim back to shore in the ocean, try to navigate during the pause between waves."


This post was originally published on Cambodia Calling in November 2010.


Diana Saw is the creator of  Bloom, a Cambodian based social enterprise that aims to alleviate poverty and save the environment.