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Mar 18, 2009
*Special to asia!

Two Americans bring an Iraqi boy maimed and blinded by the war back to the United States for treatment. Filmmaker Abdullah Boushahri tells a side to this true story that questions their good intentions.

If the American women asked me why I made this film, I would ask them the same. Why? Why did you choose Ahmad instead of from someone from the U.S., someone from Mexico or Japan? Why someone from Iraq. Especially Iraq? Why Iraq and why now? Why didn't you allow me to continue shooting if you had good intentions?

Many questions could be asked but I don't ask them. I am just waiting for this film to come out on DVD so that I can give it to Ahmad and his family. I am hoping Ahmad and his father can come to one of the screenings. It would be a great opportunity.

FINAL NOTE: For objectivity and fairness, asia! contacted Global Medical Relief which according to Abdullah Boushahri denied him access to Ahmad in the U.S.. At the time of press, its founder Elissa Montanti refused comment on the issue.

Abdullah is looking for more opportunities to bring his film to more audiences. "Losing Ahmad” has just made its U.S. premiere at the Arizona International Film Festival. More information on the film is available at






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