India Needs Australia’s Uranium

May 16, 2011

Despite the Fukushima disaster, India still believes nuclear energy is the way to go – and it wants Australia to be part of its plans.

The Julia Gillard government in Australia has its work cut out: it has to somehow convince its political allies, and the opposition, about the benefits that will accrue to Australia from supplying uranium to India. There is a strong anti-nuclear lobby within the ruling Labor party - but, just as in the case of the Indo-US nuclear deal, when Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh staked the survival of his government on the deal going through, Prime Minister Gillard will have to give the process a decisive push. Whether she is indeed willing to go the extra mile is the million dollar question. One fervently hopes she would, and finally excise this irritant from Indo-Australian relations


Dr Rupakjyoti Borah is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal University, India. He was a Visiting Fellow at the Centre of International Studies, University of Cambridge, UK in 2009 and an Australian Studies Fellow at the Australia-India Council.


This post was first published on International Relations and Security Network (ISN) in May 2011.