I Have No Enemies – Liu Xiaobo's Final Testimony

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Dec 15, 2010

This is Liu Xiaobo's final statement during his trial on December 23, 2009. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison for "incitement to the overthrow of the state power and the people’s democratic dictatorship".

In the aspects of respecting the detainees' rights and character, the softer management approach was present in the words and mannerisms of the guards, finding expression in “heartwarming broadcasts”, publications of “regret and understanding”, the playing of music before meals and when it was time to wake up. This gave detainees a sense of dignity and warmth, making them consciously want to be orderly and oppose tyrants among them. Not only did this create a human environment for the detainees, it also improved their communicative environment and emotional states. I was in close contact with Guard Liu Jing, and the respect and concern he had for detainees were communicated in every small detail, permeating his every action and every word, and it was heartwarming. Getting to know the sincere, upright, responsible and kind Guard Liu, can be considered perhaps a fortune I had in the Holding Centre.

It is precisely because of this belief and experience, I have firm faith that China's political progress will not stop.

It is precisely because of this belief and experience, I have firm faith that China's political progress will not stop. I am full of positive anticipation for the arrival of a free China in the future, because no force can hinder people's desire towards freedom. China will in the end become a country that holds human rights as the law of the land. I am also looking forward to this progress presenting itself in the process of this trial, and the passage of a just judgment that will hold up when itself is judged by history.

If I were to name the most fortunate experience of these past 20 years, it would be to see my wife Liu Xia's selfless love.

Today, my wife is unable to attend the hearing, but I still want to tell you, my dear, I firmly believe that your love for me has remained unchanged. In so many years, when I was not free, our love endured the bitterness made worse by external circ

umstances, but it has not become the poorer for it. I am serving in a physical prison, while you wait in a virtual one. Your love is the sunshine that surpasses the high walls, penetrating the metal bars, caressing every inch of my skin, giving warmth to my every cell and meaning to every minute in jail.

I am serving in a physical prison, while you wait in a virtual one.

My love for you is full of regret and apology, sometimes leadening my steps. I am the stubborn rock in the wild, beaten by the harsh winds and rains, and so cold that others do not dare to touch me. But my love is strong, sharp and it will pass through any obstacle, even if I were to be pulverised, I will still embrace you in ashes.

My dear, with your love, I will face up to the judgement that is coming, with no regrets for my choices, happily waiting for tomorrow. I am waiting for when my country is a land where freedom of expression exists. Here, the right of every citizen to speak will be treated kindly. Here, different values, thinking, beliefs, political views.... will all compete and exist peacefully. Here, majority opinion and minority views will be given equal protection, in particular those with divergent politics from the leadership. Here, all the political views will be available openly for the people to choose from, and every citizen will be able to express their politics without fear, and will not be persecuted for it. I am waiting for when I will become the last victim of China's endless literary prison, and no more will one be convicted for his speech.

Freedom of expression. Human rights as a foundation, as a fundamental, and truth as the mother. Trampling human rights suffocates humanity and suppresses truth.

In actualising freedom of expression as a right, and fulfilling my responsibility as a Chinese citizen to the society, I have committed no wrong; even if I am convicted, I have no complaints.


Thank you everyone.


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