What the Angry Birds can teach you about the Middle East

Nov 24, 2010
*Special to asia!

An Israeli satire show recently used the popular iPhone game to make fun of the peace process. In a way, it's the perfect crash course on the impossibility of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Alright, maybe not perfect, but still pretty darn good.

For those not acquainted with the game, here's what it's all about.


38 A wallpaper from the game's makers, Rovio


The Birds are Angry because the Pigs have stolen their eggs. To take revenge, the Birds then get up to all sorts of schemes, like catapulting themselves into the air to literally hit back at the pigs.

Seizing on the popularity of the characters, an Israeli satire programme 'Eretz Nehederet' ( A Wonderful Country) made a segment where a host is mediating between the Angry Birds and the Pigs.



One blogger called it “Awesomeness Redefined”. Others have also passed it along in blogs and news stories, even if not as gushily.

As we giggle at this sketch mocking the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, erm, just who are these bad, bad Pigs that steal the Birds' eggs?

Palestinians may say the Israelis are the Pigs. They stole their land.  The other side would argue likewise.

Just whose eggs (I mean, land) it is, depends on how far back you want to go. To biblical times, or the centuries or so before the creation of the state of Israel in 1947?

Each side always said they are the victims, the good guys. the ones with a righteous reason to be angry.

The Palestinians at Israel for occupying its land, and the Israelis at the Palestinians for suicide bombers and rocket attacks.

So who are the Angry Birds again?

Well, the point is: No one wants to be the Pigs, which also happen to be animals shunned by both Jews and Arabs, because they both consider it unclean.

The feud continues, on Angry Birds as well as in the Holy Land.

And there'll be a Christmas edition, for sure.


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