"At Lag b'Omer, they burnt Obama and prayed the mourner's kaddish for Arafat's Jewish friend"

May 06, 2010
*Special to asia!

A(nother) confused weekend begs the question: Just who are Israel's enemies?

(Hint: If you are thinking the "Palestinians", think again.)

Instead of retaliating against the Israeli army, they decided to take it out against Palestinian villagers. This is what they call a “price-tag” policy : A “price” will be paid, when the government acts against their goal of keeping the West Bank for the Jews. They will not allow it to be turned over to a future Palestinian state.

For years now, Palestinian mosques in the West Bank have been burnt, harvests destroyed and olive groves set ablaze. This despicable act of bullying levies the cost on the Palestinian people, but the Israelis will have to pay as well.

Let the Obama and Netanyahu administrations try to have peace talks in this hostile climate.

Highlighting these groups and their actions is by no means saying that they represent Israel. In a country of both religious and secular Jews, these extremists form a small minority. But here lies my confusion: where are the famously vocal Israelis? Have they become content with being silenced by the lunatics taking over the asylum?

One of the greatest advantages of terrorism is that it doesn't require numbers, just a bunch of servants dedicated to wrecking havoc. Long before the September 11th attacks, Israel had been leading the fight against terrorism. Yet now, to this outsider, Israel has succumbed to a form of domestic terrorism. It's let the worst of themselves take over the best, in their god-less, love-less acts.

Israel has never looked worse than it does now to the outside world, and they can't blame the Palestinians for this one.



dan-chyi chua

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