Hebron - Where the Jews and Palestinians Met and Parted Ways

Jun 11, 2009
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In Hebron, Jewish settlers and Palestinians live side by side, and suffer for this proximity. Yet, while it is both an object lesson in why a deal between Israel and the Palestinians remains so elusive, Hebron may by faith, be the best hope for peaceful co-existence.

As Wilder put it, “We didn't conquer a foreign city, we came back.” Jews like him are adamant they were not abandoning or leaving the second holiest city in Judaism after Jerusalem. And they should not be expected to.

Talking to Palestinians here in the Old City, they took pains to remind you how less than a hundred years ago, their grandfathers here had lived side by side, befriended and done business, with Jews sharing their city.

Facts on the ground now point to this as being almost an impossibility, but at least there is the knowledge that a peaceful co-existence of Jews and Muslims had been a reality in Hebron. It remains a narrative handed down from one generation to the next, a memory kept alive, and a sign that in this holy city, there are those living here with faith that this may again come to pass.


This is the second of a three-part series on the divided of city of Hebron, where Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs are living segregated in close quarters to each other, creating a largely tensed situation for both sides in the West Bank.

dan-chyi chua

Dan-Chyi Chua was a broadcast journalist, before forsaking Goggle Box Glitz for the Open Road. A three-year foray led her through the Middle East, China, SE Asia, Latin America and Cuba, and she's now grounded herself as a writer for theasiamag.com, content with spending her days in Jerusalem.

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