For Independence, stop at New York

Jun 01, 2011
*Special to asia!

Decades of peace talks have led nowhere. Now the Palestinians plan to take their case to the United Nations, where they believe they can get majority support for an independent Palestine. The question is: Will it work?

Ground sentiment among both Israelis and Palestinians is such that a majority of them are expecting the outbreak of a third intifada, as the stalemate between them continues.

On this much, they agree. If only they can reach a consensus on a plan to head them out of that grim prognosis as well.

dan-chyi chua

Dan-Chyi Chua was a broadcast journalist, before forsaking Goggle Box Glitz for the Open Road. A three-year foray led her through the Middle East, China, SE Asia, Latin America and Cuba, and she's now grounded herself as a writer for, content with spending her days in Jerusalem.

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