China should shut up when it comes to Israel this time

Jun 02, 2010
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Beijing has no moral right to join the chorus of critical voices lambasting the Jewish state for what happened on the Free Gaza flotilla.


"We were shocked by the Israeli attack which led to severe casualties and condemn it." - Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu in a statement.


Let's imagine for a moment that the flotilla that sailed to Gaza was a convoy of trucks that set off from Nepal. On board are not Free Gaza activists but the Free Tibet ones, waving pictures of the Dalai Lama. Angrily they chanted and rolled towards the Nepal-Tibet border.

Let's try to imagine what the Chinese would do.

Yes, they would fold their arms and let the convoy through.

Or what if for better comparison, the flotilla was a flotilla sailing to Taiwan, which China claims as a part of its sovereign territory. How far off the coast do you think the Chinese navy would intercept the boats?

Here's my point: It's a tad rich for China to be criticising what Israel did to the Free Gaza flotilla, since it would in all likelihood do exactly the same, if the shoe was on the other foot.

And where is the Chinese outrage over the unprovoked North Korea torpedo attack on the South Korean warship which killed 46 sailors in March? Where is the condemnation over what is by all counts a clear act of war ?

China is not alone in being hypocritical in its condemnation of Israel. But as a Chinese, I stand disgraced by the government's actions.

As a wise friend pointed out, the loss of lives on the Free Gaza flotilla was reprehensible and should provoke an outcry, but let's be a little more even-handed.

Wrongdoings are wrongdoings, regardless of the geography and how much media coverage we get.


dan-chyi chua

Dan-Chyi Chua was a broadcast journalist, before forsaking Goggle Box Glitz for the Open Road. A three-year foray led her through the Middle East, China, SE Asia, Latin America and Cuba, and she's now grounded herself as a writer for, content with spending her days in Jerusalem.

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