For Your Well-Being, I Forego Food Today

Nov 17, 2010

Every year, Hindu women fast on the day of Karva Chauth to bring blessings for their husbands. What is a modern-day Indian wife's take on this?

Sometimes love, but mostly expectation from family or fear of some bad consequence make women stick to the fasting, only to be left comparing and counting the gold bangles worn by other women are wearing during the pooja! For the wealthy, it's a time to show off time as well.


Gender equality?

Does the Metrosexual Man still like to be treated as a semi-God? The aarti utarna and touching feet of husband gesture makes me feel disgusted.

But women do it, take the ashirwad (blessings) of their husbands, standing on the roofs, roadsides, parks, surrounded by people! And the husbands oblige! Hufffff!

If it's about love, why there is no reciprocation?

I thought love needed reciprocation. If it's about love, why there is no reciprocation?

And, by the way, buying jewellery is no reciprocation.

Does it belittle a man's social standing if he admits that he too fasts for his wife?? Does he make himself a butt of ridicule in front of his mother first and then his family and friends by showing his love for his wife? Why don't Indian men fast for their wives? Is it not the reflection of a society where they say that it's difficult for a woman to live without a man – be it father, or brother or husband or son? And a man remarries within a few months of his wife's death?

I know what I have written will elicit anger from the male readers or even some women. They may feel that if this is what this blogger woman feels, then why does she not leave the fasting ritual? Why does she have to follow it?

I would definitely like to know your views about this. Tell me how you feel about it, especially the feet touching ritual? Should men also fast?


This post was originally published on My World – My Perception in October 2010.