Moving Headlines

May 21, 2010
*Special to asia!

Do stories make the news, or does the news make the stories?

This process of finding out the news was a little tideous, but that's what reading the news is about. There are stories out there, and today, there are plenty of writers, tweeters, bloggers, etc. It isn't just about stories making it into the news, or the news telling stories for us, it's also the readers' task to find the stories strewn and sometimes hidden all over the place.

I could've stayed at my desk and scoured the web for more news, unfortunately I had my own news to write, and stories to cover, and a stomach to feed. But the tweets gave me a better sense of what was going on out there, more than the official statements from the government and business owners. The blogs offered a citizens view of the series of events that were being carried forward but ignored by mainstream media. The knowledge that citizen journalists (or simply curious people armed with a mobile phone and WiFi) were in the field tweeting about their experiences and encounters gave me peace - that I could return to my desk later today with more news and insights from eyes and ears that were on the ground.

debby ngDebby Ng forayed into journalism following failed attempts at becoming a world-class equestrian. A wildlife crime investigator, underwater photographer, dive master and founder of a marine conservation organisation, she spends what remains of her time writing about the environment, its wildlife, and its people.

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