Living In Abundance

Dec 28, 2010
*Special to asia!

An old friend of mine who's an author and a lecturer, is working to put a paper together. He sent me three questions that stem from his attempt to confront the definition and issue of poverty. Here's my response to his second question: What is your idea of abundance?

Abundance is a simple concept to me. It is simply having more than you need. Take all the things you need to survive, anything more than that, is an abundance. Most people then, live in abundance. If we could perceive that, perhaps there would be less suffering. We need to want what we have. Whether tangible, or intangible.


279 Most of us live in abundance.

debby ngDebby Ng forayed into journalism following failed attempts at becoming a world-class equestrian. A wildlife crime investigator, underwater photographer, dive master and founder of a marine conservation organisation, she spends what remains of her time writing about the environment, its wildlife, and its people.

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