Peranakans in Paris

Sep 23, 2010
*Special to asia!

Babas and nyonyas everywhere should throw a tok panjang feast to celebrate their debut in the capital of fashion.


Kamcheng is a type of covered container, which was used for storing and serving food. They were made in China and usually commissioned by Peranakan Chinese families for special occasions like weddings. The two common auspicious motifs depicted on kamcheng, are the phoenix and peony.



Gold and diamond star-shaped brooch

Gold and diamond star-shaped brooch (Courtesy of Peranakan Museum, Singapore)


This magnificent star-shaped brooch is set with 93 round brilliant cut diamonds. The central element of nine stones can be unscrewed and removed, suggesting that it could be worn separately as a button, cuff link or even an earring. This brooch was possibly part of a set of three brooches – which was the typical-style of fasteners used on tunics worn by nonyas.

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