Hunting Cookies

Feb 02, 2010
*Special to asia!

I am on the hunt for Lunar New Year goodies.

My family calls it jokingly, “Going to Glory.” Death by pineapple tart anyone? In the centre of the Peranakan area in Katong, Glory is a great place to have nasi padang. The chicken is delish. During the build up to the biggest thing on the Chinese calendar, the Spring Festival, it is festooned with plastic jars of what I call “shower head” cookies, semolina or sugee biscuits, and kara-kara, a crispy tidbit made from rice flour. Their best seller: Pineapple tarts. And fish, rabbit and lobster shaped jellies.


glory catering on east coast rd

Glory Catering on East Coast Rd

glory catering goodies

Every Lunar New Year the goodies fly off the shelves at Glory Catering.


This year, my friend introduces me to Katong Antique House where Peter Wee sells finely made love letters and sugee biscuits. This year I have also relied on the Cookie Museum at the Esplanade. Because the Lunar New Year falls on Valentine’s Day this year, they have introduced a cookie with rose petals, apple bits and honey roasted macadamia nuts. I hope they will impress my relatives.


peranakan altar

The decor in Katong Antique House celebrates a bygone era


butterfly pea blossoms

Bunga telang or butterfly pea blossoms are dried to produce a blue dye used to colour rice cakes.


artificial peach blossoms in Singapore's Chinatown

Artificial peach blossom trees and chrysanthemums mark the beginning of spring amidst Singapore's eternal summer.


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