Cheap and Cheerful in Prague

Jan 01, 2010
*Special to asia!

It was 6pm in Prague on New Year’s Day when the fireworks started to decorate the sky.


fireworks over the national museum in prague on new year's eve 2010

Fireworks over the national museum in Prague on New Year's day 2010

Our eyes took in the fiery blossoms as they bloomed above the ancient spires. In high spirits, our thoughts turned to dinner. My travelling companion was suffering from the cold, so we ducked into The Four Seasons Hotel for a warm drink. That way we could avoid the dispersing crowds that were spilling off Charles Bridge into the surrounding area. The price of one drink there was enough to pay for the hearty fried rice and crabmeat and corn soup we had at the Summer Palace later on that evening. And before you think, “Why have Chinese food in Prague?” let me explain. We had abstained for three days already and were all goulashed out. Sausages were coming out our ears and Pilsner Urquell beer was coursing through our veins. The Summer Palace was far from a palace but it served comfort food to three Singaporeans in the middle of the coldest winter in half a century.

The owner of the Summer Palace was from a tiny village in Sichuan province. The family business had thrived for more than 10 years. The main restaurant was painted pastel pink and green, colours favoured by Peranakans, I thought then, though it gave the restaurant a kitschy look amidst the golds and browns favoured by the Czechs.



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