Bad Taste is Boundless

Mar 16, 2011

Inappropriate – and downright disturbing – responses to Japan’s tragedy.

The following people or companies provoked global furore for their sometimes thoughtless, often opportunistic, and mostly just plain sadistic, reactions to the Japan quake catastrophe. Feel free to spam them.

A technology writer asks how the Japanese disaster will affect Apple's iPad supply chain, while Microsoft promotes its Bing search engine.

Singapore’s Channel News Asia, on the day the catastrophe broke, leapt on the chance to sell TV spots.

Malaysia’s Berita Harian publishes a cartoon that is not funny, not funny at all.

Several Americans think the tsunami is “karma for Pearl Harbour”

Some Chinese tweeters gloat over Japan’s plight.

Several Americans think the tsunami is “karma for Pearl Harbour” (including the writer of Family Guy). This US student, in a truly disturbing video, thanks God for events in Japan.

US rapper 50 Cent plumbs new depths – and that really is saying something – by lamenting he has to “evacuate hoes”.

This terribly spooky commentary contains the sentence: “If I was in a heavenly council, planning event intervention on earth; considering that the Japanese quake was close to going off, I would put in my vote that a good time for it to go off would be just when it did, precisely to diffuse the Day of Rage.”

In a rather convoluted blame game, Britain’s Labour shadow chancellor Ed Balls gets slammed for playing the Japan card, due to his insinuation that Tory chancellor George Osborne would play the Japan card.

Malaysian prime minister’s wife Rosmah Mansor says disaster in Japan should be “a lesson” for other countries.

Just a reminder of how callous or just plain spiteful some of the remarks above have been – this video shows exactly what Japan had to contend with.



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