Are You Being Brainwashed?

Aug 31, 2010

Fear-mongering, war-mongering, excessive patriotism… Here’s a look at how right-wingers in India, Pakistan and the USA create a climate of fear and suspicion to win votes.

7) All these points that right-wingers make in different countries are mostly based on twisted logic, denial of facts and huge doses of misinformation accompanied by shrill rhetoric.

Country after country, community after community, the same story everywhere. Right-wingers play the exact same games, apply the exact same strategies in different countries, only with different players and with different objects of hate. Most curiously, millions of "educated" people simply fall for it with a somewhat suspended sense of right and wrong. These spectacular achievements of right-wing propaganda is one of the most important reasons for global war and mutual hatred among communities. Right is Wrong.


This post was originally published on Live the Dream in July 2010.