The icon of Singapore's small opposition voice, Chiam See Tong was the longest-serving opposition representative in the Singapore parliament, with 27 years under his belt. Today, he is one of the most beloved of the country's political leaders.
THE asia! team | May 11, 2011
Caution: Local humour ahead on the Singapore Elections 2011.
The asia! team | May 11, 2011
More and more Christian ethnic minorities in Vietnam are harassed, arrested and tortured; and their property confiscated or destroyed.
IRIN | May 11, 2011
A 12-year-old Chinese boy with burning political ambitions has his countrymen (and women) all disgusted and fired up.
JING GAO | May 9, 2011
What’s it like to witness an impending earthquake?
asia! sits down with a champion woman golfer who also happens to be the queen of the Malaysian state of Kedah.
DAN-CHYI CHUA | Apr 26, 2011
The portrait of a Nepali-Bhutanese family, escaping from the world’s happiest nation.
DEEPAK ADHIKARI | Apr 25, 2011
World rallies to demand the release of China’s most famous artist, who is held by Beijing amid a wide crackdown on government critics.
DEBU BARVE | Apr 5, 2011