Political Prodigy or Future Dictator?

May 09, 2011

A 12-year-old Chinese boy with burning political ambitions has his countrymen (and women) all disgusted and fired up.

Imagine a Chinese version of Jonathan Krohn, who then as a 14-year-old wrote a book to define conservatism and addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2009, which was highlighted by the media as a political wunderkind.

This Chinese boy (picture below) began to watch Xinwen Lianbo (prime time news on China Central Television) at the age of two. He has been reading People’s Daily and Reference News (Cankao XiaoXi, 参考消息) every day since aged seven. Until today, he has published over 100 articles in influential Chinese newspapers.




Huang Yibo, a sixth-grader at a boarding school affiliated with Central China Normal University, has received much more honours and awards than even most adults. “National Top 100 Good Youths,” “Top Ten Filial Sons of Wuhan City,” Arch leader of Young Pioneers of the City of Wuhan”… These titles have made Huang a poster child.




His parents boast of his insights into history and politics. “His attention to the people’s lives has far exceeded ours. His dream is to let everyone lead a better life,” said Huang Hongzhang, his father. “He surfs the Internet only for current affairs and news events at home and abroad. He never plays any (online) game,” he added.