They've Got Guts

Apr 15, 2010
*Special to asia!

A group of low-caste women runs Khabar Lahariya, a newspaper exposing injustices forgotten by the Indian media.

“It is difficult to get more women into the field of journalism. Most people still feel that women should work at home and not go running about reporting on stories,” said Kavita. “Men dominate the family here, but it is [they] who should change their mentality. Already, two to three women have left us due to family objections. We have the financial resources to hire more reporters but it is hard to fill the shortage. It is especially difficult since w

e not only report and write – we also distribute the newspapers,” she added.

And although their daily work involves many hours of walking the ground, making personal sales pitches, and gathering news in areas poorly connected by public transport, the women maintain their steely resolve to bring forth the next issue.

“We have plans to bring the newspaper to Bihar, and maybe even Rajasthan. We will not stop writing. We want a national network of our newspaper, all bearing the name Khabar Lahariya,” said Kavita.


edwin kooEdwin Koo is a Singaporean photojournalist , who has been based in Nepal since September 2008. It is a labour of love to record down his experiences and fleeting thoughts , as he goes about photographing and documenting the fledgling Himalayan republic. You can also see pictures of everyday Nepal at his photoblog by the same name.