The “Most Hopeless” MTV in History

Jul 26, 2010

What, or how long, does it take you to buy a property in China? This MTV has the answers.


In the traffic-congested streets, a man is busy handing out flyers for newly constructed condominiums. “Beautiful homes, starting at 29,800 yuan per square metre.” One flyer ends up in the hands of a taxi driver who is waiting in traffic. He looks at the flyer and thinks: “It will take me 125 years to buy this home.” His nose starts to bleed.

A young man gets into the taxi and picks up the flyer on his way to work. He takes the elevator, punches his time card at exactly 9 am, and rushes into his cubicle to start his day’s work. Then he reads the flyer and thinks: “It will take me 87 years to buy this home.” Foaming at the mouth, he throws the ad into the dustbin.

A cleaning worker lady at the company picks up the dustbin and sees the ad. “It will take me 255 years to buy this home.” She bursts into tears.

A rich man gets the flyer. Accompanied by his mistress, he goes to the real estate office in his Mercedes Benz. Looking at the miniature model of the condominium, he thinks: “It will take 5 days to buy this home.” But he is soon distracted by the beautiful real estate agent and starts drooling over her. Woken by the fist of his unhappy mistress, he says: “I will take 5 of those.”

The mistress remains upset and gives him a good nudge on his shoulder. “Oh no, I will take 6,” he replies at once. Now the mistress is pleased. She thinks: “It takes 1 nudge to buy this home.”

At the construction site of the condominium, a construction migrant worker picks up the flyer. Looking at it, he thinks: “It will take me 514 years to buy this home.” Blood starts trickling down from under his helmet. Preoccupied with this thought while working on the high-rise, he slips and falls from the building…



This is the music video of China pop singer Huang Zheng’s (黄征) new song “Sell” (卖). In less than a week since it was posted on the Internet, it already had over 1.3 million hits. Netizens call it “the most hopeless music video in history”.

The music video mocks the sky-high real estate prices in China. A home that costs 29,800 yuan per square metre triggers different reactions in people of different social classes in China.

What, or how long, does it take to buy a home in China?


This post was originally published on China Hush in June 2010.


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