Making a Play for the Indian Sub-Con, Post-bin Laden

May 22, 2011
*Special to asia!

The death of the world’s most wanted terrorist has started a new act in geopolitics in the India-Pakistan neighbourhood, with the U.S. and China jostling for a starring role.

As pointed out by Rupakjyoti Borah, an Indian academic on International Relations, Afghanistan   is important to India for various reasons:

India needs to ensure that Afghanistan does not become a hotbed for anti-India elements.

Afghanistan provides India with a gateway to the oil and natural gas wealth of Central Asia,

India is bound to Afghanistan, having pledged US$1.5 billion in aid.

On this visit, Dr Singh also added a further $500 million of assistance in key social sectors such as agriculture.

Can India keep Afghanistan in its corner?

Just like in the September 11th attacks bin Laden orchestrated, the consequences of his death will be longer and wider than the incidents themselves.

The regional power play continues, as alliances strengthen and weaken, and from the depths of the ocean where they flung his bullet-ridden body, bin Laden will carry on haunting U.S. policy in South Asia for years to come.

dan-chyi chua

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