In S Korea, Cattle Culling Sparks Farming Catastrophe

Jan 06, 2011

Government criticised for extreme measures that leave farming families devastated and jobless.


Net user ID:그래도 ( (‘But’ in Korean) reflected a majority of public opinion in a comment on the aforementioned article by Siemphre, by saying that although it is painful to watch animals be killed, we are all selfish human beings who are capable of taking harsh measures for our own benefit:

Our counter-measures against the foot-and-mouth outbreak are among the harshest in the world. When the livestock is left un-culled, such as in Japan’s case, the damage can grow astronomically […] Of course it is heart-breaking to see pigs, living beings [get killed]. Still, it is hard to deny that people want to eat safe food… I don’t think this measure deserved criticism.

Cold weather is expected to continue throughout the next week, chilling hearts of South Korean farmers.


This post was originally published on Global Voices in January 2011.