Hollywood Plotlines for Singapore’s Skyline

Aug 24, 2010
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Movie synopses that Tinseltown may want to consider, as the city sprouts a host of new skyscrapers and landmarks

But Jake only has eyes for the befuddled, smart-talking, tie-wearing Annie Hor, and they embark on a relationship around long conversations, and a long conversation around relationships. Annie introduces Jake to her mansion, the decrepit but colourful Four Floors of Hors, where everyone suddenly breaks into a classy burlesque number. Part-drama, part-musical, this quirky, brainy art-house film features one Hokkien and two Teochew songs. Black-and-white.

Shirtless in Singapore


Too hot: McConaughey takes off his top for the good of humanity

Too hot: McConaughey takes off his top for the good of humanity

Photo: Hollywood Gossip

Genre: Romantic comedy

Starring: Matthew McConaughey. Hugh Grant. Jennifer Aniston. Katherine Heigl. Fann Wong.

This is the first movie that will see McConaughey entirely shirtless from start to finish, ostensibly due to the tropical heat.

Rob, a window-cleaner, falls in love with Vanda, a wedding coordinator, while peering at her through the 42nd-floor glass of Suntec Tower Two. Later, they stumble into each other under the Fountain of Wealth. They agree to meet at the same time, same place, one year later, just to make their path to love that little bit harder. Misfortune strikes. Vanda is inflicted by a malady that causes her to lose her sense of direction, though none of her loveliness. On the appointed day, Rob waits and waits at the Fountain, while his sweetheart wanders around tragically at the Night Safari. In the nail-biting finale, Rob runs bare-chested down the ECP at peak ERP hour after Vanda, who is leaving the country. Even if Rob finds his way to Changi Airport on time – will Vanda?

Features the hit single ‘I’m Lost Without You’.

Ocean’s Thirty-Nine: Circle in the Sands

Genre: Heist thriller

Starring: George Clooney. Brad Pitt. Matt Damon. Al Pacino. Robert de Niro. Leonardo DiCaprio. Orlando Bloom. Hugh Jackman. Russell Crowe. Clive Owen. Christian Bale. Tom Cruise. Toby Maguire. Ben Affleck. Jude Law. Eric Bana. Will Smith. Viggo Mortensen. Johnny Depp. Ralph, and Joseph, Fiennes. Shia LaBeouf. Pierce Brosnan. Keanu Reaves. Bruce Willis. Harrison Ford. Mel Gibson. Julia Roberts. Catherine Zeta-Jones. Fann Wong.

Danny Ocean and the gang are getting ready for retirement, telling themselves that they won’t, they just won’t, do another tedious sequel, when 39 tickets for the Night Grand Prix land on their doormats. Unable to resist, they fall straight into a trap set by archenemy The Hustler (of Ocean’s 17, 26 and 32(a)(i) fame). Indignant, the boys concoct a double-cross triple-switch quintuple-heist counter-counter-sting to siphon funds from Resorts World Sentosa to the Marina Bay Sands, and back again. This involves a madcap chase across all the rides of the Universal Studios theme park, with everyone disguised as Singapore Girls.

Then Rusty Ryan runs, faster than inflation, and hops into an F1 car. He tears down the streets of Singapore, spinning round and round the racing track to the resounding applause of thousands of spectators and the benign nods of Members of Parliament. He gets a speeding ticket.


Be a Fann: Comely Singapore actress Ms. Wong

Be a Fann: Comely Singapore actress Ms. Wong

Photo: Debby Ng



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