Country: SINGAPOREsingapore

Capital: Singapore

Geographic Coordinates: 1 22 N, 103 48 E

Population: 4,701,069 (July 2010 est.)

Main Religion: Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, Hinduism, Christianity

Language: English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil

Government Type: Parliamentary republic

Chief of State: President S R NATHAN; Head of Government: Prime Minister LEE Hsien Loong

Main Industries: electronics, chemicals, financial services, oil drilling equipment, petroleum refining, rubber processing and rubber products, processed food and beverages, ship repair, offshore platform construction, life sciences, entrepot trade         

GDP in US Dollars (per capita): $50,300 (2009 est.)

Currency Code: Singapore dollar (SGD)  

Life Expectancy: 78 years (men), 82 years (women) (UN, 2007)

Environment - current issues: Industrial pollution; Limited natural fresh water resources; Limited land availability presents waste disposal problems; Seasonal smoke/haze resulting from forest fires in Indonesia   

Issues facing Women and Children: With Singapore’s rising standard of living, a dual-career family has become more of a necessity than a choice. However, the traditional roles of women as home-maker and child-minder have not disappeared with their pursuit of work outside the home. The need to enact both work and family roles has led to work-family conflicts both for women and their spouses.

Land  Mine Ban Signatory: N

Local Media: Press: Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), The Straits Times, Business Times, Today; Radio and TV: MediaCorp

Interesting Fact: Singapore is amongst the 20 smallest countries of the world and has more than 3,000 km of roads.  More Singaporeans are born in the month of October than any other month of the year.       

Famous for: Lee Kuan Yew, Changi Airport, the Merlion, Raffles Hotel, the Singapore Sling  


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