Country: OMAN oman

Capital: Muscat

Geographic Coordinates: 21 00 N, 57 00 E

Population: 2,967,717  note:  includes 577,293 non-nationals (July 2010 est.)

Main Religion: Islam

Language:Arabic (official), English, Baluchi, Urdu, Indian dialects

Government Type: Monarchy

Head of State: Sultan and Prime Minister QABOOS bin Said al-Said

Main Industries: crude oil production and refining, natural and liquefied natural gas (LNG) production; construction, cement, copper, steel, chemicals, optic fiber

GDP in US Dollars (per capita): $23,900 (2009 est.)

Currency Code: Omani rial (OMR)

Life Expectancy: 74 years (men), 77 years (women) (UN)

Environment - current issues: Rising soil salinity; Beach pollution from oil spills; Limited natural fresh water resources

Issues facing Women and Children: Oman is a destination country for men and women primarily from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India who migrate willingly, but may subsequently become victims of trafficking when subjected to conditions of involuntary servitude as domestic workers and laborers.

Land Mine Ban Signatory: N

Local Media: Press: Al-Watan, Oman Daily, Oman Observer, Times of Oman; Radio and TV: Oman TV, Radio Oman

Interesting Fact: Handshakes should be kept light and firm grasps of the hands could be interpreted as being aggressive. Sometimes Bedouin men may touch noses and making soft kissing sounds as a form of greeting.

Famous for: Rimal al Sharqiya desert, Muttrah Souk, Washiba Sands, Wadis, Jebel Shams, khanjar knives, dishdasha (national dress)


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