Country: NEPALnepal

Capital: Kathmandu

Geographic Coordinates: 28 00 N, 84 00 E

Population: 28,951,852 (July 2010 est.)

Main Religion: Hinduism, Buddhism

Language: Nepali 47.8%, Maithali 12.1%, Bhojpuri 7.4%, Tharu (Dagaura/Rana), English

Government Type: Federal democratic republic

Head of State: President Ram Baran YADAV (as of 23 July 2008); Head of Government: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar NEPAL (as of 25 May 2009)

Main Industries: tourism, carpets, textiles; small rice, jute, sugar, and oilseed mills; cigarettes, cement and brick production

GDP in US Dollars (per capita): $1,900 (2009 est.)

Currency Code: Nepalese rupee (NPR)

Life Expectancy: 63 years (men), 64 years (women) (UN)

Environment - current issues: Deforestation (overuse of wood for fuel and lack of alternatives); Contaminated water (with human and animal wastes, agricultural runoff, and industrial effluents); Wildlife conservation; vehicular emissions

Issues facing Women and Children:

  • More than 50,000 children die in Nepal each year, with malnutrition as the underlying cause for more than 60 per cent of these deaths.
  • Half of the children in Nepal are underweight and three-fourths of the pregnant women are anaemic.
  • Fifteen per cent of Nepal’s wells are contaminated by arsenic. Despite Nepal's high overall coverage of accessibility to drinking water, access to improved water for deprived, disadvantaged communities and conflict-affected rural and fringe urban areas remains low.
  • Two-thirds of Nepalis are still without access to toilets.
  • Maternal mortality rates are high due to weak health systems with limited access to emergency obstetric care, skilled attendance and the overall poor status of women. Neonatal mortality rates are also unacceptably high due in part to lack of community awareness on appropriate care of the newborn.
  • The conflict has had a significant impact on education. Forced closures of schools due to strikes have cut the school year in half in some areas. Teachers have been threatened, assaulted and even killed. Thousands of students have been taken from school for political indoctrination, and some have been recruited into the Maoist forces or militia.

Land Mine Ban Signatory: N

Local Media: Press: The Kathmandu Post, The Rising Nepal, Gorkhapatra, The Himalayan Times; Radio and TV: Nepal Television Corporation (NTC), Radio Nepal

Interesting Fact: Nepal is the only official Hindu state in the world.

Famous for: Mount Everest, Kathmandu Valley, Tenzing Norgay (Namgyal Wangdi), Buddha's birthplace, Pashupatinath Temple (largest Shiva temple in the world), Kumari Devi


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