The Afghan Women’s Writing Project is aimed at allowing Afghan women to have a direct voice in the world.
Akshaya Patra Foundation provides healthy and balanced meals to more than a million Indian children daily.
Through photography workshops, Kids with Cameras connects with children living in marginalized communities to raise their self-worth and esteem
Minsai Centre provides education to needy children in developing countries.
Room to Read promotes literacy and the importance of education in developing countries all around the world.
Hands On Shanghai coordinates volunteer activities to support their local community organizations.
Aid Afghanistan for Education works towards giving women an education.
The Basic Education and Employable Skill Training charity works towards poverty alleviation by providing basic education.
Banyan Tree Reading Centre advocates early literacy and education.
VFI aims to emphasize local leadership, decision-making and project ownership in both Laos and Cambodia.
D-Pal Club Of Thailand believes in literacy, education as a means for poor children to break free from the poverty cycle.
Child Information, Learning and Development Centre or CHILD works towards providing education for the young.
The Little Sisters Fund provides educational support for economically disadvantaged girls in South Asia.
River Kids Project is a charitable trust based in Singapore that is in charge of managing the Riverkids Foundation, a Cambodian NGO.
Siem Reap-based Anjali House was created in 2006 to provide free health care and education for needy Cambodian children.