A Pakistani writer looks at the ties between the two countries and decides to call it what it is.
India had sent Pakistan a list of 50 “most wanted” it said were hiding there. Then it turned out that two of the 50 were right there – in India itself.
Can New Delhi protect its strategic interests and keep Kabul on its side in an unfriendly and volatile neighbourhood?
The death of the world’s most wanted terrorist has started a new act in geopolitics in the India-Pakistan neighbourhood, with the U.S. and China jostling for a starring role.
Good heavens, did President Obama just make the most radical foreign policy proposition yet in his Middle East speech last night?
For returning Indians, a must-read to ward off culture shock. To everyone else, this will help you scratch the surface of this country that charms and frustrates anyone who dares venture forth. 
Popular protests by the Palestinian people.Their feuding political parties coming together in the name of national unity. Does Israel stand a chance against this growing impetus for the creation of a Palestinian state?
Despite the Fukushima disaster, India still believes nuclear energy is the way to go – and it wants Australia to be part of its plans.
With the Thai prime minister dissolving Parliament to pave the way for general elections on July 3, what’s in store for the Land of Smiles?
The icon of Singapore's small opposition voice, Chiam See Tong was the longest-serving opposition representative in the Singapore parliament, with 27 years under his belt. Today, he is one of the most beloved of the country's political leaders.
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Caution: Local humour ahead on the Singapore Elections 2011.
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The tiny island may be known for its squeaky-clean image, but these elections has tainted Singapore, no thanks to the questionable tactics employed by the ruling People's Action Party and the state-owned media.
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The island nation gets a taste of true democracy in action and it got the whole country talking.
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More and more Christian ethnic minorities in Vietnam are harassed, arrested and tortured; and their property confiscated or destroyed.
South Korea's ruling suffered a crushing defeat in recent by-elections, heralding the power of Twitter in the political landscape.