Fight of the Moon Goddesses

May 04, 2009
*Special to asia!

The hunt for new sources of energy on the Moon is propelling a new space race.

Unlike the Apollo programmes, many of today’s astronauts, or cosmonauts or taikonauts would stay on the moon for extended periods. Possession, it is said, is nine-tenths of the law. Just as on Earth where nations plant flags on small hunks of islands to establish their claim on the waters and the resources under them, the spacefaring countries all want to establish permanent settlements on the moon. The settlements would help to strengthen their claim on lunar territory (see related story). It would also help to facilitate the exploration and mining of the moon and the shipping of raw materials back to Earth. There is also talk (chiefly by NASA) of using the moon as a launching pad for the exploration of Mars. For that purpose, helium 3 would also be used to fuel the Moon-to-Mars spacecrafts. Chang’e could be excused if she is seriously considering relocation.


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