Arrested Development

Dec 31, 2008
*Special to asia!

Will the Magic Kingdom ever make it to the Middle Kingdom?

Whether Disney and Iger can emerge from the Shanghai debacle unscathed remains to be seen. What is clear is that until the corruption scandal in Shanghai is settled, no one in China will dare to touch the tainted Disneyland project. Iger’s plan to penetrate the mainland has suffered a setback. Meanwhile, pirated Disney goods are flourishing in China. This, at least, could be seen as a silver lining. When China is finally ready for a Disneyland to be set up there, Iger can at least be confident that the 200 million or so Chinese children will have at least a passing familiarity with Disney, albeit through counterfeit goods.

lee han shihLee Han Shih is the founder, publisher and editor of asia! Magazine.


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